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Les Amis de L'ABC [entries|friends|calendar]
Les Amis de L'ABC: A Community for Les Mis fans

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Les Mis fan art dump [10 Mar 2010|01:41pm]

I love that I've found this community! :D I just needed to find other Les Mis people to share these with because my friends are waiting for me to go back and do "real" art.

Sorry if some of you have seen this in the other Les Mis community.

diagnosed as sound.Collapse )
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It's been a while, mes amis. [20 Aug 2009|10:38pm]

I bring you arts.

One arts, really.

Where the fighting is hardest, there will I be!Collapse )

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[05 Jul 2009|08:39pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hello. I just joined this group. I thought I would post one of my artworks on here as I tend to draw the abc boys. Enjoy.

Sleeping EnjolrasCollapse )

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Les Mis Chibi [26 Apr 2009|01:17pm]

I know it's been forever...and I know I said I would post a recording of On My Own...but my only way of recording my guitar decided to break shortly after I said I would record it...so I don't know when I can get any of that up...

In other news, I got bored this morning and drew a few Les Mis characters.

We're off to see the piuctures! The wonderful pictures of Oz!Collapse )

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Op lang voorbij..... [25 Mar 2009|10:32pm]

So, I just have some stuff to say, and a link.

First, the link: I meant to link to this a long time ago, but I kept forgetting.


Second: I went to my schools performance of The Scarlet Pimpernel. I'm going to try, very hard, to avoid going off on a tangent about it, but (unsurprisingly) the boy who played Chauvelin would have been a fabulous Javert.
Proof of that claim? Here: img.photobucket.com/albums/v137/Strawberries-n-cream/_MG_0267-1.jpg     The photographer caught him mid-stride and it looks ridiculous.

Here: img.photobucket.com/albums/v137/Strawberries-n-cream/_MG_0269.jpg    On the guillotine. By the way, the executioner is played by my true love Timmy Bowman. And if you look at the cast list for the Complete Symphonic Recording of Les Mis, you'll see that Combeferre is played by a man named.....Tim Bowman. Just a funny coincidence.

And here's a short video, so you can hear the Javert in him. his voice falters a bit at the end, but he strained it in the previous night's show: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v137/Strawberries-n-cream/?action=view&current=Pimpernel050.flv

LJ won't let me put a clickable link, so if you care enoughyou can copy and paste.

But now I'm done pimping them out.

Third: This is kinda random, but today I was walking about campus and listening to One Day More. My campus is usually very windy, but today it was pretty calm. Until I hit Marius' line "I fight with you", where the music swells and it's all pretty. The moment the music rose  into that swell and all of the characters started to sing, a huge gust of wind blew throughout campus.

It was AWESOME. Like it was planned.

Okay, I'm done.

I'm sorry, alot of this is barely related to Les Mis, I'll understand if it's deleted. I just like to draw compariosns between fandoms I'm interested in, I'll avoid it from now on.

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Les Miserables guitar style [20 Feb 2009|03:22pm]

First off, I suck at posting regularly. It's been at least a month since my last post...oops...

Anyway, onto what I came on here for. For the longest time I've been looking for Les Mis tabs (cuz I'm too lazy to play chords xD), but all I could find was "Do You Hear the People Sing?" So, the other night, instead of doing my homework, I managed to figure out "On My Own" on the guitar. I am also working on other Les Mis songs too. If I find the time to, I'll record them and post them on here. Also, if anyone knows where I can get free Les Mis guitar music (tabs please ^_^), do tell. I don't think there really is any out there...for guitar at least.

And regarding my Les Mis art: I have lost all inspiration to do it D: I haven't drawing anything Les Mis in ages! So, if any of you have any ideas for me, please tell me and I'll try my best.
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Here's some doodles. [09 Feb 2009|10:53pm]

Yes, I am updating with some doodles.

Parnasse, what're you doin' so far outta out patch?Collapse )

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[11 Jan 2009|01:59am]

I haven't posted anything in a while (or maybe that was on the other Les Mis community I go to). Anyway, here's a little something. Enjoy:


More here (:
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Paper crafts: Les Mis Christmas ornaments [11 Jan 2009|05:09pm]

I made these a few years ago to put on my Christmas tree. I kept the theme hopeful, that's why there's no Javert. However, I did think a Javert "Stars" Christmas tree would be kind of funny.

les mis paper crafts 1

See more @ my journal

x=posted @ lesmiz
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Let me see this trinket you wear... [30 Dec 2008|08:31pm]

So, I bought the DVD of the 10th Anniversary Comncert and while I was watching it, I made something.

Something fun.Collapse )

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Christmas on the Barricade! [25 Dec 2008|12:11pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello everyone! Just wanted to bring you all a little Christmas (or holiday, if you don't celebrate Christmas) cheer! And you can find anything on YouTube!

Happy Holidays!

Love, M.

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For all the Jehan lovers... [18 Dec 2008|07:24pm]


Fanart that I hope you like n.n

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Les Misanime! [14 Dec 2008|04:40pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


So remember those Shoujo Cosette animes that I referred to in like, my first post here? I've found some episodes with English subtitles! They're available for download as torrents, which means you need to program like this one to download them. You also have to download both the text and video files, and watch them using this program. Attempting to get these is probably dialup suicide.

I haven't tried this yet, so I'm not sure if they're working. They should be though! Episodes 1-7 can be found  here [video] and here[text], and both sets of files for episodes 8-10 can be found here, along with the instructions you need to make them work.

Wow, link-heavy post...let me know if I messed up one of the links, but I double checked...anyway...


~M. Grantaire

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All I want for Christmas... [13 Dec 2008|04:19pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Made a bunch of all I want for Christmas...icons for the holidays. I'm not great at iconing, so it's my first attempt.

Comments are love, credit to mariegrantaire required =].

Dear Santa....

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More art stuff-ness [13 Dec 2008|12:02pm]

It's been a long time since I posted anything and I feel like I should. I don't have that much because about 2 weeks ago, my computer crashed and I lost a lot of stuff (*tear*), but I do have a few things.

A short while ago the show I was working on ended. I had to say my final goodbye to "Enjolras" (In my mind he was Enjolras, not John). Now I'll probably never see him again...at least not working together.

Anywho, on to the art!Collapse )
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AMIS ABC RHAPSODY! [10 Dec 2008|10:36am]


Did anyone elese seen thi before? I don't understand all the lyrics, but the interpretation is sooo good!

Our beloved Amis singing a parody of Bohemian Rhapsody!

Hope you like it...
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Mexican cast photo [04 Dec 2008|12:01pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Looook, loook! It's so awesome! *.*


I can point... Natalia Sosa as Eponine and Abel Fernando as Enjorlas and Beto Torres as R (X3) and... Hugo Serrano as 'Ferre, I guess...
 and Valjean is Fazio... or Federico? o.o I think is Federico Di Lorenzo and Cossete is.... oh I see clear now: Claudia Cota.

If I recognize any other I should tell...

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Aan het eind van de dag [01 Dec 2008|08:29pm]

So, I'm sorry for double posting, but I'm in a crazy Les Mis mood.

So I bring you poetry about Jehan <3Collapse )

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Who will wake them? [25 Nov 2008|11:58pm]


So, I'm home on break from college, which seriously cuts into my fangirliing time. But now that I'm home, I have scanner access.

Which means that I have art.Collapse )
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Heh. [19 Nov 2008|08:09pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Okayy, first "real" contribution to the group...I'm not the greatest artist, and I don't claim to be, but I drew this anime character a couple years ago, and I saw it today and was like ZOMG ANIME ENJY! So here it is...

Be kind!

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