Lumpy Space Prince (starlightkissu) wrote in lesamisdelabc,
Lumpy Space Prince

Who will wake them?

So, I'm home on break from college, which seriously cuts into my fangirliing time. But now that I'm home, I have scanner access.

First, I give you some notebook doodles:

I don't pay attention in class.

Plans for a drawing a want to do.

I love him.

Grantaire, being emo. This nonsense evolved into...

 Alot. I love him alot.

EmoGrantaire Deluxe. I usually don't draw backgrounds, so this is astonishing.

Ejolras makes me smile. 

And here we have the book death of Enjy and Grantaire, very unfinished. It probably never will be, but I like to share.

I am SO lazy. 

I have nothing better to do that draw lame-looking comics featuring Marius, and the bodies of Combeferre, Feuilly, Coufreyrac, Enjolras, and Grantaire. Except, y'know, study or do laundry or dishes or something....I think that this was a better use of my time.

Pay special attention to the disappering barricade!

And the fact that I make up the postitons in which people die.

What's making him react like that? 

And I'll end with something happier, Combeferre being surprised and the cutest thing I've ever drawn.

Also, I have some slashy stuff that I didn't post because I haven't seen slash here, but if you're interested, it can be found at my dA,

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