Lumpy Space Prince (starlightkissu) wrote in lesamisdelabc,
Lumpy Space Prince

Aan het eind van de dag

So, I'm sorry for double posting, but I'm in a crazy Les Mis mood.

On his knees
And forced to be blind
Breathing copper air

He makes no pleas
To those left behind
Brave Jehan Prouvaire

He lived for revolution
And spoke words of gold
Blood covers clothes and hair

He was part of the solution
Believed what he was told
Word master Jehan Prouvaire

He shouts as if confessing
Before the coming night
The break his stride was a dare

To deny what he's professing
Knew that he was in the right
Noble Jehan Prouvaire

A shot rang out
as if angels sing
The executioner does not care

The dead man's friends shout
and the echoes ring -
the final words of Jehan Prouvaire

This is what I do in History of Asia. It's a way better usde of my time. My professor said something about the word "shoujo", so I thought of Shoujo Cosette and how I didn't like Prouvaire's design in it. But I love him anyways. So this popped out of my head.

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