Lumpy Space Prince (starlightkissu) wrote in lesamisdelabc,
Lumpy Space Prince

Let me see this trinket you wear...

So, I bought the DVD of the 10th Anniversary Comncert and while I was watching it, I made something.

 I've been wearing it since, too.


I chose my favourite characters and made a necklace. If you can't see it, the characters are Valjean, Javert, Enjolras (it got cut off...) Grantaire, Gavroche, Combeferre, Joly, Feuilly, Jehan, and Eponine. I was kindof sad to not have rrom for Montparnasse, but I'm making a cellphone charm with his name on it, so it evens out.

This is what i do and 4 in the am, ha.   

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Damn, haha sounds like fun.
Cuuute ^.^ I want a Feuilly cell phone charm! Hmm...
I'm reconsidering doing the Montparnasse one. My phone's so small that the charm would probably be longer than it...
You could just do Parnasse. It's a nickname of his I see a lot in fanfic. And my phone already has a caption about Feuilly on the background! Something about him sexing Poland...since he's so obsessed =D
I might have to.

Ha, may background on my phone is Prouvaire's name in the vocal arrangement book.
Cute! Gotta love those 4 am artsy projects. :)(I once did a charcoal sketch of Montparnasse at 4:30 am).