Joly has a head cold (digne) wrote in lesamisdelabc,
Joly has a head cold

Paper crafts: Les Mis Christmas ornaments

I made these a few years ago to put on my Christmas tree. I kept the theme hopeful, that's why there's no Javert. However, I did think a Javert "Stars" Christmas tree would be kind of funny.

les mis paper crafts 1

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Those are seriously cute and seriously awesome.
Thank you! *blushes*

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By your icon are you requesting a "Stars" tree *g*
These are all adorable! I love the Bishop one! Of course, I love the Bishop no matter what!

I can't deal with the level of awesome, seriously. They're so original!

I love the Bishop too, as evident by my user name.

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January 13 2009, 18:09:37 UTC 10 years ago Edited:  January 13 2009, 18:10:51 UTC

You want to know what is truly sick! I kept patterns for everything and then lost them all! OH, I was so mad!

I used those patterns to do some of the Star Wars set I do for my brother-in-law. Now it's just all in my head anyway. I'm not sure I could explain it. They are rather complicated.

I might come up with some basic instructions that you can make more complicated yourself.