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Here's some doodles.

Yes, I am updating with some doodles.

Okay, the cut title has nothing to do with drawings.

Other than the fact that he looks 12, I adore this.


Okay, this one has a story. During my Christmas break, I went to the read through of my old high school's musical. What are they doing, you may ask?   

The Scarlet Pimpernel. It is SO similar to Les Mis. The character of Chauvelin = Javert , almost. ANYWAYS, the kid playing Chauvelin sang "Falcon In The Dive", aka "Stars, Chauvelin Version". So the drama coah and my ex-English teacher said "That song is so beautiful. Just like Les Mis, the most soul-less, beastly characters get the most beautiful songs."

I was affronted, to say the least. We had held a converstaion about Les Mis for like an hour earlier that day. But.....Javert? Soul-less? Beastly? I was upset with her.

Anyways, that sprouted this drawing.   The lyrics to Falcon In The Dive.

I had a video for a visual, but LJ hates me and wouldn't link.

I apologize for the bad quality, but it's just a photo...

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