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Lumpy Space Prince

Op lang voorbij.....

So, I just have some stuff to say, and a link.

First, the link: I meant to link to this a long time ago, but I kept forgetting.

Second: I went to my schools performance of The Scarlet Pimpernel. I'm going to try, very hard, to avoid going off on a tangent about it, but (unsurprisingly) the boy who played Chauvelin would have been a fabulous Javert.
Proof of that claim? Here:     The photographer caught him mid-stride and it looks ridiculous.

Here:    On the guillotine. By the way, the executioner is played by my true love Timmy Bowman. And if you look at the cast list for the Complete Symphonic Recording of Les Mis, you'll see that Combeferre is played by a man named.....Tim Bowman. Just a funny coincidence.

And here's a short video, so you can hear the Javert in him. his voice falters a bit at the end, but he strained it in the previous night's show:

LJ won't let me put a clickable link, so if you care enoughyou can copy and paste.

But now I'm done pimping them out.

Third: This is kinda random, but today I was walking about campus and listening to One Day More. My campus is usually very windy, but today it was pretty calm. Until I hit Marius' line "I fight with you", where the music swells and it's all pretty. The moment the music rose  into that swell and all of the characters started to sing, a huge gust of wind blew throughout campus.

It was AWESOME. Like it was planned.

Okay, I'm done.

I'm sorry, alot of this is barely related to Les Mis, I'll understand if it's deleted. I just like to draw compariosns between fandoms I'm interested in, I'll avoid it from now on.

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