perditus_cor (perditus_cor) wrote in lesamisdelabc,

Les Mis Chibi

I know it's been forever...and I know I said I would post a recording of On My Own...but my only way of recording my guitar decided to break shortly after I said I would record I don't know when I can get any of that up...

In other news, I got bored this morning and drew a few Les Mis characters.

First is Zombie Eponine. I have a bigger version of this somewhere. She's all "Why don't you love me, Marius?" as blood spurts out  and her eye just hangs there. She's a pretty intense zombie.
Then there's Zombie Eponine watching Battlestar Galactica with me. She too is probably wondering why it's all blurry xD
Next is Javert. He is not too happy. He my be the lawr. and the lawr is not mocked, but I hath mocked him!

And, like with Eponine, he too enjoys Battlestar. He very much likes Number Six. That's why he's angry. When I hold him like that, he can't see her.

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