Les Amis de L'ABC

A Community for Les Mis fans

Les Amis de L'ABC: A Community for Les Mis fans
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A place for Les Mis fans post artwork, stories, and general Mizzie obsession stuff :D

Hi everyone!

I'm drksnksyndrome , otherwise known as Meketaten on deviantART. This community was made as a place for all of us Mizzie fans on dA to have an alternate place to post random fandomness. However, anyone with a love for Les Mis is welcome to join in! :D

Things you can post in this community include but are not limited to: artwork, fanfics, fanvideos, and general discussion of Les Mis shows/actors/novel translations.

Just make sure that all posts with large artwork or multiple videos or large amounts of text are contained within an LJ cut.

Remember, no stealing work! And mind your manners, everyone.

Have fun!